Parque Serra da LousaParque Serra da Lousa


Serra da Lousã Biological Park

The Serra da Lousã Biological Park, located on land adjacent to the Hotel, includes a forested area, where 46 species of wildlife from Portugal are represented, namely: deer, wild boar, otters, birds of prey; wolves, bobcats; foxes, fishes; wild boars; tail pullers; riders; bears; among others.

These animals live in a very natural environment, which has contributed to the reproduction of several animals, including bears, wolves, bobcats, etc.
The park includes museum spaces, and a maze of fruit trees that is unique in the world.

The park also includes a pedagogical farm with 31 species of the traditional agropastoral breeds. Flora with 105 identified species.
We think it is the largest collection of wildlife in Portugal.

This project's mission is to promote biophilia and a passion for nature, raise awareness of the knowledge, dissemination and protection of the original natural habitats, fauna and flora.
It is a project that promotes a passion for nature and at the same time promotes the integration of people with disabilities, mental illness and chronic illness.

In 2007, the Quinta da Paiva project won first place in the national competition for the European Enterprise Awards in the Human Investment category and was selected to represent Portugal.
Serra da Lousã Biological Park was considered by Jornal Expresso in 2014 as one of the six tourist treasures of the Centro Region.
For more information about the park, including the price of tickets and products available, please contact the hotel reception or the Information Center.

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